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Our head teachers, Josephine and Kelvin, have developed a special system of teaching in APlus Language Centre that will keep the classes fun and lively. Students will learn English and at the same time build the confidence and motivation to use English in real life situations. Our classes will prepare students for challenges not just in the classroms, but in the outside world too.

Josephine - Educator, Mother, Grandmother and pretty much the Head Honcho

Josephine carries tons of experience in the education field. She was previously a teacher in a Private and International School. Today, she has decided to focus her energy in helping children and adults achieve their English goals and beyond. Josephine is also a full time mother and grandmother who understands the needs of children as well as the challenges they may face when in school. Her experience allows her to strategically relate to each individual student, allowing her students to absorb the most out of her lessons.

Kelvin - Educator, Creator, Filmmaker and Screenwriter

With a background in Engineering, Kelvin is equipped with the problem solving skills, which can surprisingly be used in the classroom as well. Apart from the English language, Kelvin helps students in other subjects such as Science, Maths, Design Technology, Geography, History, Humanities, Social Sciences, Psychology, Individuals & Societies, Language & Literature, The Arts and the list just keeps going on and on...His focus on creativity has allowed him to hone this skill, producing 5 feature length movie scripts and a pilot - some of which have gained positive reads from the Nicholl Fellowship Academy. Perhaps an Oscar statuette is hopefully just around the corner.


I was able to graduate thanks to all the help I got from A Plus. If not for them, I would not know what to do. Thanks guys!

Nicolas, France

Other teachers...

Conversation Class Teachers

They are really talkative. This is the best place to practice some of those conversational skills you've learnt. They'll teach you the proper pitch and intonations in which native speakers usually speak in. Learn how to crack jokes and avoid embarassing situations as well. 

Phonics Teachers

They will assist your little kids in mastering the pronunciation of alphabets and words. Our teachers will equip them with the basic phrases needed to get around in the world of English. Most importantly, we will help them to develop an interest and love for the English language. We strive to make these lessons fun and lively :)

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