We cater to students ranging from kids to adults. Depending on your level of proficiency in the English language, we will place you in a suitable class. Some students may need to sit for a short test in order for us to identify your level in English. It's not a stressful test - we promise :)


Learn alphabet sounds and start reading


Our phonics classes are designed to help your child read as soon as possible. The classes involve a variety of games, songs and videos besides worksheets and books. In addition, we aim to help your child converse in English by using simple phrases. Most importantly, the classes are fun and lively. 

Primary / Elementary

Vocabulary, Grammar, Sentence Construction, Writing, Comprehension



For our young students who are struggling in the English language, our classes are designed to introduce new words that can be used in writing and day to day conversations. Our goal is to boost your child's confidence and promote a liking or love for the English language. Students will be able to learn writing skills using some simple techniques. Those A's are coming soon :)

Creative Writing

Stories / Essays / Poems / Screenplays / Short Scripts / Plays / Novels


Creativity lives inside us all. All it takes is just a spark to get the flame burning. In our creative writing classes, we help students take control of that flame. Our creative writing teacher has tons of experience with Feature Length Screenplays and TV Pilots. 


Exams, exams and more exams...



We understand the stress that a student undergoes when preparing for an important exam. Our classes are designed to not only help and prepare students academically, but mentally too. We will help you to identify certain patterns and techniques that you can use in these exams, which would help you score a better grade - if not, the best.